Solar Air Heating Systems


The sun provides heat all year round, so why not use solar in the winter too! Solar air heating can supplement your regular heating system and can dramatically reduce your heating costs. Air in your home is circulated through a collector on the exterior wall where it can gain up to 15 degrees Celsius before being vented back into the room. The collector looks like a large door (about 1.2 x 2.4 meters) and should be mounted on a sunny south facing wall or roof. The collectors weigh about 45 kilos.

The collectors exchange air with the inside of the house through two 12.5 cm holes to be situated in the exterior walls. On a sunny day, the air heater will produce heat which will be stored in the furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. (We call that "thermal mass.") That heat will be dissipated throughout the evening.  Solar air heating systems can be used with duct system or without, and there are systems that can be used for multi-rooms, and in conjunction with water heating system.

One collector is recommended to heat about 75 square meter and will typically last 25-30 years! You may need to replace the fan during that time


Solar Air Conditioning

Solar residential air conditioner can save up to 60% of the electricity costs used for air conditioning in your home by using the free solar energy.

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Decoration systems

Water fountains, outdoor and indoor lights, lights, and many other  solar articles that can be used to beautify your home using the free sun energy.

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