Solar Decorative Systems




The use of decorations and accessories powered by solar energy is becoming more of a necessity rather than an option for any modern external and internal decoration scheme. Unlimited selection of light, bright, and maintenance free solar-powered decorative items that caters to the most sophisticated and discriminate taste are available for indoor and outdoor use.


The selection include LED-laced articles, water fountains, lights, yard and garden lights, bird bath, led-laced paving stones, rotating articles, beacons, glowing sands, statues, rotating articles, water-immersed articles, flashing decorative lights, Christmas lights, and plenty more of light-emitting decoration.  The selection is as large as your imagination can go.

Most solar decorative items are equipped with LED-type lights, small PV collector, battery, and light sensor to enable day-night operation. The LED light can provide up to 50,000 hours before it require replacement. 


Water heating systems

Convert the heat from the sun into hot water all year round by using a solar water heating system. You will never use electrical heater again.

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Electricity systems

Use the free energy from the sun to generate all your needs of electricity, save money and protect the environment.

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