Hybrid Electricity Systems



Hybrid electric generation systems combine photovoltaic solar system and wind generator. These type of systems utilize a combination of solar and wind energy as the wind compensates for the lack of sunshine, and the photovoltaic array work when the wind is calm. The system is recommended in the areas where the number of sunshine hours are limited.

The component of hybrid system are typical of those of the photovoltaic or the wind systems. It comprises the electricity generating component, which contains a PV array and wind generator, charge controller, batteries bank, and inverter with all necessary switches and circuit breakers.






Water heating systems

Convert the heat from the sun into hot water all year round by using a solar water heating system. You will never use electrical heater again.

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Portable electric systems

The outdoors are never the same when you use mobile solar power stations which allow you to use light and all electrical appliances.

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