Solar Pool Heating



Pool heating is a very good solar application.  The systems are simple and relatively inexpensive.  Pool systems usually use simple, low cost, unglazed plastic collectors.  The pool itself is the thermal storage for the system, and the pump you already use for filtering pool water will also circulate water through the solar collectors.  This is the simplest form of solar pool heating systems, and it does get more sophisticated.

In general there are two major types of pool heating systems, glazed solar pool heaters and unglazed solar pool heaters. There are several types of glazed pool heaters, the conventional glazed solar collector that directly heat the water, and the Gobi collectors which uses heat exchanger to heat the pool water are the leading two types. 



For year-round outdoor pools, approximately 50-60% of the surface area of the pool should be matched with equivalent collector area. In the GCC countries that percentage can often be dropped to 35% of the pool area. Sizing for indoor pools is typically 50-60% of the surface area in equivalent glazed collector.


Sizing unglazed pool heaters should be at 70% of the pool's surface area. Unglazed collectors are less efficient in comparison with glazed collectors and there for more collectors are needed. Unglazed collectors are not recommended for indoor pools.

Residential applications

Use the free solar and wind energy to generate electricity for your home, heat water for home and pool use, illuminate your garden, or just take a portable power on your next trip to the outdoors.

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Commercial applications

Use the free solar and wind energy to power buildings and warehouses, pump water for irrigation and cattle, desalinate sea water, and to cool and heat commercial buildings and outdoor areas.

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