Portable Solar Power Systems


The development of Portable Solar Power Station changed the way we view the outdoor activities, and the manner we handle readiness for emergencies.  Today the portable and mobile solar power stations allow us to enjoy camping and nature with all the necessary amenities of safety, productivity, and enjoyment found through the use of electrical appliances. It allows us to communicate, enjoy music and TV, illuminate the darkness of night, and keep our food refrigerated by converting the clean and renewable solar energy into the needed electricity.

Portable solar power stations come in many different configurations, based on the output and capacity. The smaller versions which are intended to charge mobile telephones and other small battery-operated digital articles, are small in size and weight, and deliver low voltage DC power only. The large mobile solar power stations are capable of delivering DC as well as AC electrical power good enough to operate lighting fixtures, small appliances including TVs, computers, etc. with an output range from 10 to 1500 watts.  The AC/DC solar power stations range in weight from 2 to 60 kilos and they come in different configurations.

Portable and mobile solar power stations vary in cost depending, again, on capacity and output. The price ranges from few Euros for a solar mobile phone charger to about two thousand Euros or more for a high output mobile solar power station.   For more information about available models and configurations please contact us.

Solar Air conditioning

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