Residential Applications


Electricity systems

Use the free energy from the sun to generate all your needs of electricity, save money and protect the environment.

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Water heating systems

Convert the heat from the sun into hot water all year round by using a solar water heating system. You will never use electrical heater again.

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Portable electric systems

The outdoors are never the same when you use mobile solar power stations which allow you to use light and all electrical appliances.

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Air heating systems

Use the free heat from the sun to warm up your home safely, quietly, and efficiently.  Heat your home for year for a fraction of the fuel cost.

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Pool heating systems

Solar energy is the most economical way to heat your pool for all-year use without the need for conventional pool heater.

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Wind electricity systems

When the sun is not shining, a wind generator can provide you with the  electricity you need. The wind is a great source for a free renewable energy.

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Hybrid electricity systems

A hybrid solar-wind electric generating system can be all you need to fulfill your requirements for home electricity anywhere.

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Decoration systems

Water fountains, outdoor and indoor lights, lights, and many other  solar articles that can be used to beautify your home using the free sun energy

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