Water Pumping Systems


The operation of pumping water from a well or a pound and streams with conventional water pumps is matter with high degree of complexity given for all the factors involved in the determination of the amount of water needed, the location of the water source, the temperature and depth of the water at the source, the type of pump to use and the capability of such pump, the amount of power consumption, and many other factors such as the type and size of the discharge pipe, distance to the tank, flow rate, and etc.. Using solar powered water pump increases the level of complexity; thus, it requires proper planning and designing expertise in order to insure success.

We provide a turn-key service for solar water pumping applications that include the planning and design, supply of material and equipment, installation, testing and commissioning, and he after sales maintenance.

Water pumping is a costly activity; particularly from deep wells when considering the amount of electricity consumed on an average by the water pump, and the duration the pump must remain active. Well’s water is commonly used areas outside the municipal services for human consumption, as well as for irrigation and cattle use. The amount of water required varies by user and application. For example, an estimated 75 gallons per day (280 Littre) maybe needed on average by an adult for drinking and personal hygiene, while the amount required for milking cow is estimated at 35 gallons per day (135 litters), and this amount is reduced to 20 gallons (75 litters) for a horse or dry cow.


Technical information

Technical information and details related to solar water pumping and water pumping in general.

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