Solar CPS is a solution provider for renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications. We deliver affordable solar and wind energy systems that are clean, reliable, and secure replacement for the traditional electrical system to help reduce the carbon emission and protect the environment. Our renewable energy solutions can help in bringing you monetary savings while you actively participate in the efforts to protect the environment and save our world for future generations.


We provide complete solutions for alternative renewable energy sources for residential applications including photovoltaic and wind turbines to generate electricity, solar-powered air conditioning systems that saves you thousands on electricity expenses, solar water heating systems for personal use at homes and for swimming pools, solar air heating systems for single room or the entire house, solar-powered lights for your home and your garden,  and mobile solar energy systems that can bring more enjoyment for your next trip to the sea-side, camping, or to the countryside.


We also provide renewable energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and agriculture applications including large-scale photovoltaic system, solar and wind farms, commercial solar water heating system, solar chiller-based central air conditioning systems, solar municipal lighting systems, solar traffic control systems, and solar water desalination and water pumping systems.


Our installations meets or exceed the most rigorous international codes and standards, and we will deliver it to you with our guarantees for value, quality and service.


Residential applications

Use the free solar and wind energy to generate electricity for your home, heat water for home and pool use, illuminate your garden, or just take a portable power on your next trip to the outdoors.

Commercial applications

Use the free solar and wind energy to power buildings and warehouses, pump water for irrigation and cattle, desalinate sea water, and to cool and heat commercial buildings and outdoor areas.

"We are passionate about our work, and we strive to deliver value, quality, and infinite desire to satisfy our customers. Our work is about tomorrow, and we are to bring a brighter tomorrow each and every time we are called upon. "

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